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If you're publishing a newspaper, magazine, broadcast news or special-interest Internet site where accurate gaming information is important, this brand new, Internet-based newswire service is for you. And it's surprisingly affordable.

Gaming industry news coverage is a 21st century phenomena. Today, 48 of our 50 states have some form of legalized gambling. Covering this new business beat with relevant, to-the-point stories and articles can be a real challenge -- until now.

The GamingWire, a division of, has assembled a team of journalists and correspondents who understand the specialized gaming and casino beat. We've fielded a professional staff that includes an editor and reporter in Nevada, headquarters to most of the nation's leading gaming companies; a journalist covering gaming issues in Washington DC, and correspondents in other important gaming jurisdictions, including one of Atlantic City's most respected gaming writers; Mississippi, the upper midwest and California.

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